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Servant, Son, Bride

As a child growing up I was the second of 5 children, all raised by my grandmother, Daisy Ledet. At the age of 16 I became a teenage parent, to her one biological child, Mark. (I helped raise two other kings: Jimmy and Quincy Jr.). Eager to beat odds, I studied the statistics regarding my life and became intentional about overcoming them.

After developing a relationship with Jesus Christ, embracing His principles and teachings, and connecting with loving pastors I began a life of transformation and excellence.

April 18, 1999, at the age of 17, I began ministry officially. In my 20 plus years of service I have served in the church as a Minister, Youth Dept. Coordinator, Youth Pastor, Assistant Pastor, strategist, and trainer.  

I am the Director of Impact Orange, a program designed to creatively impact communities by creating environments conducive to growth and honor. I believe that honor is a key principle when reforming or serving communities.

From then to present Impact has held several Bible Studies in homes and community rooms across Southeast Texas. I launched the Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Ball, held every January celebrating local residents impacting their communities in various ways. I launched B.U.S.Y. (Building Up Successful Youth), a program designed to create a smooth transition to higher learning for at risk juniors and seniors desiring to further their education. 

In 2016 I was appointed as a Planning and Zoning Commissioner by the City of Orange City Council, a position I still holds. That same year I was appointed to the Pastoral Council for the City of Orange. Shortly afterwards I began to write a Christian article weekly for the local Newspaper, launched a talk show called “Angles, launched a service for pastors wanting to mobilize their congregants called “Church Makeover”, and recently published my first book, “Treading: Fight Like a Bride.” (Newspaper writing are located at the top, under Blog tab.)

I believe we are in a season where we need to understand the Kingdom, participate in the Kingdom, and trust the Kingdom. 

In my 'earth life' I am a social service professional; I find joy and fulfillment in helping others recover all, both naturally and spiritually.


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