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Updated: Apr 5, 2020

I am MaQuettia. One of my greatest passions is seeing people become alive again, and joining the pursuit of promise and purpose. 

Always learning and always growing, I strive to be and do better daily. In my pursuit of better my definition of simple words become more and more profound. I love revisiting those words we've known forever and finding new depth and ways of applying them to my life. I call it, Mirror Moments; moments when I examine me and see where I can improve. If words didn't gain greater, stronger meanings as we grew they would become more common and less moving. I think a lot of what we see that hurts us, concerns us, and even scares us wouldn't exist if we meant everything we said. If we truly embraced the definitions, authentic meanings behind those little words we wouldn't see a lot of the bitterness, hatred, and hurt that has become unfortunately more common. Definitions call and move us all, they define and redefine us; and we adjust and readjust to their deepening, summoning, authentic meaning.

Today, love stands out to me. It has been defined in many ways and all have a dimension of truth to them. Love for God, spouses, children, parents, family, friends, career, pets, sunrise, sunset, rain on tin roofs, cool nights on a porch, that favorite dish etc....I think we all share similar definitions of those types of love. Even unconditional love or the phrase 'unconditional love' has both similar and common meanings. Similar is necessary, but when words becomes common, they are in danger of not carrying the same weight as once before. So how do we avoid the pit of common, where things are no longer expressed thoroughly, but as quick as we possibly can say it, and it doesn't matter if it came from the heart as long as it was said? 

There's a dimension or manifestation  of love that I really want to focus on today, and hopefully applaud or challenge us in this area. LOVE IS PRESENT. When I heard this in my heart I made a solid decision to embrace being challenged; I challenged my character and questioned my actions. Was I manifesting love every time I said it? I was not. If love is present, am I demonstrating it? Am I there or not? God loved us so much He got closer, He came, He made sure His presence was made known, and He still does that for us. Am I expecting others to be aware of my love in my absence, or am I making my love known by being present? 

We can't be everywhere. I can't be present to everything, but I can still be there. I can be thorough in thought. I can put myself in someone's shoes and pray from a 'present' place. And when the opportunity presents itself, I can literally be there. I can allow the depth of love to draw me to a  more perfect demonstration of authentic love. I can answer loves call and readjust. I can allow myself to be moved by it's deepening meaning. So although I can not be everywhere, I can embrace that love is what love does and is willing to do. Love is as present as love can be. If I can be more present in thought or action, love embraces the challenge and moves as close as it possibly can. Love doesn't abandon in deed nor thought. Love shows up, speaks up, stands up, and the recipients of it know they are not alone. So may we look a little longer in the mirror and embrace the challenge to love more like Jesus. Shalom.

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