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Wolves Are Leading


I remember a time when they "proved" God's messengers based on devotion, sanctification, and holiness. You had to have all 3... plus a WORD to be licensed/ordained.

#Prove-Observe, watch, see the evidence of.

Now people are allowed to skip proving and just find a classroom & a network. Without the "proving" monsters are licensed and their agendas endorsed. Which is why so many imposters are in the church. No proving. This led to darkness being licensed & platformed which ultimately led to misrepresentation of the church, FROM WITHIN. That manifests itself as an uprise of self-endorsed agendas, ministries with no accountability, leaders using flock to serve their purposes, and so much more....all centered around self. It also introduced us to a time where ministries are built on vision and not counsel... which is a whole different danger.

Nothing wrong with a classroom or network, but something is wrong if there is no proving: no sanctification, devotion, or holiness with that WORD. This new movement isn't a replacement for the old.... it evolves from it. So, let’s go back to proving.


Kallah (Hebrew): Bride

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